SAP Cloud Appliance Library

SAP Cloud Appliance Library Documentation

SAP Cloud Appliance Library offers the easiest and fastest way to consume the latest SAP solutions in the cloud. It is an online repository of SAP solutions that you can instantly deploy into your own cloud accounts to kick-start your SAP projects.

To check the overview of the new or changed features introduced in SAP Cloud Appliance Library, you can read the release notesInformation published on SAP site. Also for planned or unplanned events, you can check the message center in SAP Cloud Appliance Library which is located in header row of the product.


SAP Cloud Appliance Library is deployed on SAP Business Technology Platform, located in Europe (Rot).

You can create appliances and deploy systems from SAP Cloud Appliance Library solutions in a subset of the public regions supported by the chosen cloud provider.

Key Features

SAP Cloud Appliance Library provides the following key features:

  • Approved shipment channel for SAP solutions
  • Quick and easy access to proof of concept, demo and training systems
  • Overall lower costs and reduced time to value for your SAP systems
  • Availability of preconfigured SAP systems and content as virtual appliances
  • Ad-hoc system provisioning of standardized and validated SAP systems
  • Production and delivery process of virtual appliances governed by SAP
  • Integration with cloud providers
  • Integration with the SAP StoreInformation published on SAP site
  • Deploy a standardized system layout for SAP S/4HANA with High Availability capabilities directly in your Microsoft Azure account
Getting Started