Cloud Appliance Library

Using SAP Solutions

SAP Cloud Appliance Library offers the easiest and fastest way to consume the latest SAP solutions in the cloud. It is an online repository of ready-to-use SAP solutions that you can instantly deploy into your own cloud accounts to kick-start your SAP projects. These solutions are economical and efficient for testing, training, showing demonstrations to customers, and so on.


You have the access credentials of the corresponding cloud provider and the authorizations to use them.


The process for using an SAP solution is as follows:
  1. Log on to SAP Cloud Appliance Library ( published on SAP site). When you are initially signed on to the library, you become an SAP Cloud Appliance Library administrator in your own tenant.

    If you want to sign in to another tenant of SAP Cloud Appliance Library, you have to apply for a user by using the access URL of the library that your contact sent you. For more information, see Applying for a User of SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

  2. In the Solutions tab page, select the required solution and choose Create Instance. For more information, see Creating a Solution Instance.
  3. Connect to the solution instance. For more information, see Connecting to a Solution Instance.

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