Cloud Appliance Library


  • You are logged on to SAP Cloud Appliance Library and you are the owner of the account for which you want to activate the solution.
  • You get a free solution by choosing Try Now or you unlock a solution with a subscription period by choosing Unlock in the Solutions tab page. For more information, see Unlocking Solutions.
  • The selected solution must have the status Available before it can be activated.


  1. In SAP Cloud Appliance Library, choose Solutions to display the list of solutions.
  2. Choose Activate for the solution that you want to activate.
    • If you are the account owner for one account only, the system activates the solution directly.
    • If you are the account owner for more than one account, the system displays the Activate Solution dialog box.

      From the list of available accounts for the solution, you have to select the accounts for which you want to activate the solution and choose OK.


The Solutions screen refreshes automatically to display the current status of the activated solution. The status changes from Available to Activated. The users assigned to the accounts for which you have activated the solution can now create an instance from it. For more information about how to create an instance, see Creating a Solution Instance.

Unlocking SolutionsDeactivating Solutions