Cloud Appliance Library


  • You are logged on to SAP Cloud Appliance Library and you are the account owner of the solution instance from which the customized solution is created.
  • The relevant customized solution is listed in the solution list under Solutions.


  1. In SAP Cloud Appliance Library, choose Solutions to display the list of solutions.
  2. Choose Edit to change the following properties for your customized solution:
    • In the Getting Started Guide field, you can add the URL to the user guide for your solution.
    • In the More Information field, you can add the URL to the landing page for your solution with more information about it.
    • Choose Edit Header to change the name, description, and publisher (owner) of the customized solution and then OK.
  3. Save your entries.
  4. Optional: Choose Cancel if you want to discard the changes of the customized solution.
Creating Customized SolutionsDeleting Customized Solutions