SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Working with Systems


This section describes the tasks associated with deploying, discovering and managing SAP productive systems that you as a user in SAP Cloud Appliance Library can perform. The systems are workloads deployed from the SAP on-premise solutions listed under the Products tab or discovered from your own Microsoft Azure account. Basic management operations for the productive systems are available depending on your account role.

These products can be used to deploy standardized system layout on Microsoft Azure with default or custom software stack following the standard installation process. The deployed systems are distributed on multiple virtual machines and can have High Availability capabilities which makes them suitable also for production use. The solutions for productive deployments are available to SAP customers who have valid licenses for the SAP on-premise products contained in them.

For more concept information and videos about the productive deployment scenario, see this topic in the SAP CommunityInformation published on SAP site.

Deploying Systems via SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Discovering Systems on Microsoft Azure Hyperscaler

Basic Operations for System Management

Technical Infrastructure Landscape

This section shows an architecture diagram of the SAP S/4HANA landscape with High Availability capabilities provisioned by SAP Cloud Appliance Library. For more information about the network setup and the peering between them, see Network and Communication Security.

Technical Infrastructure Diagram
Performing Appliance Mass OperationsDeploying a System