Cloud Appliance Library

Creating a Solution Instance


You have two modes from which you canchoose to create a solution instance:
  • Basic Mode: With this mode you can quickly create your solution instance configuring only the basic details of the instance. For more information, see Basic Mode: Creating an Instance.
  • Advanced Mode: With this mode you can create your instance going through a wizard specifying all instance configurations. For more information, see Advanced Mode: Creating an Instance.


You are redirected from the Solutions tab page to the Instances tab page. The instance appears in the list of solution instances and the system displays the instance details and its current status. The screen is refreshed automatically.

You can find the stored private key by choosing Download Key in the instance details.

To view the access details, go to the solution instance details. For more information, see Viewing the Access Details of a Solution Instance.

Working with Solution InstancesBasic Mode: Creating an Instance