Cloud Appliance Library


  • You are logged on to SAP Cloud Appliance Library and the relevant solution instance is listed under Instances.
  • The status of the solution instance is Active.
  • The monitoring feature is enabled for the solution from which you created your instance.
  • The solution instance is deployed in a virtual network that will not block the connection to SAP Cloud Appliance Library.


You often have to check the status of the SAP systems provisioned on the cloud infrastructure. Usually, you have to connect to the Linux OS via SSH and execute sapcontrol commands. SAP Cloud Appliance Library can provide the statuses with one click when you are in the instance details.


  1. In SAP Cloud Appliance Library, choose Instances to display the list of available solution instances.
  2. For the solution instance that you want to monitor, open its details and choose the SAP Systems tab.
  3. By default, OS process monitoring is disabled to reduce redundant Internet traffic. Choose Enable to monitor the data every 5 minutes.
    You can scroll down to see the statuses of all SAP systems in your solution instance.
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